Facebook Ads | Online Sales Funnels



Mine has been a long and winding road. It all started when I sold old junk on eBay when I was 19. I was saving up for a big trip and putting in long hours at a local Walmart Distribution Center and picking stock was not cutting it. 

Selling on eBay opened my mind to the possibilites of online businesses. I've built niche adsense websites, amazon affiliate websites, I've sold chicken coops on shopify stores, and built viral Facebook pages that have signed up hundreds of thousands of people for free Twilight movie tickets. Yes you read that right. I've been around the block a time or four. 

The last 18 months my head has been buried in the absurdly powerful, and complicated Facebook Ads platform learning what works and what doesnt. And I'll be honest with you, at the rate Facebook is updating their features and user interface, I'm still learning every day.

I have had some big wins though:

In 2017 I generated 2054 leads for a local dry cleaner. Those leads have resulted in 800+ new customers -so far-. For a DRY CLEANER.

I matched the industry standard for online Political Petition signatures on my first try ($5/signature) with less than a day to launch. We had to take advantage of a short news cycle and we nailed it.

I saved over $4k in revenue in my first month working with a small struggling eCommerce site selling clothing by setting up Dynamic Product Retargeting Ads.